01:25 AM

3 Simple Steps In Gaining The Upper Hand In A Tweet Fight

Publishing online, whether it is tweets or blog posts, will occasionally upset some people. You can't please everyone and you shouldn't try to please everyone, sometimes the truth hurts.

If you find yourself in a Tweet fight here are three simple steps to ensure you come out on top.

Step 1 - Make sure it isn't a "Twit" fight because paraphrasing Confucius, if you engage in a public brawl with a mad person, those passing by and watching the spectacle will find it hard to tell the difference.

Step 2 - Step away from the keyboard. Passion and emotion is not your friend at this stage. Engage very lightly. Step away from the keyboard and your computer screen for several hours.

During that time the other person will have lathered themselves into a froth. By that time, they have likely also launched a personal attack.

You can then return to the keyboard calm and collected and look supremely reasonable while the other person has dug a massive hole for themselves, filled it with mud, and jumped in for a good wallow.

Step 3 - Write a post about how to gain the upper hand in a Tweet fight.