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3-dot Weekend: Andy Lark goes to Dell; Nikkei on Media Valley; Nick Aster at Mother Jones; Blogging for dollars; The Conversation Group launches; I hate Quechup

Andy Lark is now at Dell . . .

Andy.JPG.jpgCongratulations to Andy Lark. Sun Microsystems' former head of corporate communications is now Dell's new VP of Global Marketing and Communications. Andy is one of the savviest people I know working in media and communications. Dell has acquired one of Silicon Valley's top people.

Andrew Lark: The Larks Are On The Move

Hat tip to Stowe Boyd.

It's a Media Valley . . .

I've been writing about how Silicon Valley is changing into Media Valley. In the latest issue of Nikkei Business magazine, the top Japanese business magazine, you'll find a long interview with me about Silicon Valley turning into media valley.

Hat tip to Hideshi Hamaguchi. (BTW: Tokyo News sent a reporter to interview me recently about LonelyGirl 15, a story that has legs. How we found the secret identity of LonelyGir15 )

Please also see: Media Valley and... Marvelous Musings of Miss Moxie: Silicon Valley has become Media Valley - someone should tell NYC

Mother Jones hires Nick Aster . . .

My good friend Nick Aster is now Media Architect at Mother Jones, the venerable lefty magazine. Media Architect is a term I made up to describe people such as Nick. I'm glad it is being used more widely. It is a term that combines the best qualities of a media professional with a software engineer.

Architecting the huge array of media technologies we have at our disposal is a tough job, and Nick has been doing it for a long time, at Moreover, at Gawker Media, on my projects, at Treehugger, and now at Mother Jones.

Mother Jones Hires TreeHugger.com's Media Architect

Blogging for dollars . . .

San Francisco Chronicle's Ilana DeBare interviewed me this week for a piece about how to make money from blogging. All is revealed :-)

Blogging tough way to make money - but here's how

Please welcome The Conversation Group . . .

Congratulations to Giovanni Rodriguez and the other members of the newly formed The Conversation Group. My good friend Chris Heuer is a member of the team. Also Denise Vardakas joins from Eastwick. Mark Adams, co-founder of Text 100 is on the board and so is Peter Hirshberg, CMO at Technorati.

I like the name, a wise choice to move it away from something like the "Social Media Group" which I'm sure was a temptation.

hubbub: Hubbub Merges

I hate Quechup . . .

I fell for it but please ignore any Quechup friend requests. Quechup is a "social networking" site that uses aggressive technologies that spam your address book to recruit users. My apologies to my address book.

Quechup is like one of the early virus/worms that uses your address book and your name, to get people to click. How does Quechup think spamming people's address books is going to build a lasting user base?!

It also damns some of the misbehaving Facebook apps--which are not as bad as Quechup but aren't too far behind. Unless this kind of behavior is nipped in the bud, every social network site will suffer.

See Mashable: Are You Getting Quechup Spammed?

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