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1.3.07: Mozilla revenues increase 10-fold

Mozilla (the foundation and the corporation) made a surprising $52.9M - $29.8M from the foundation, the rest from the corporation, reports CEO Mitchell Baker. That's 10 times what Mozilla earned in 2004.

The bulk of this revenue was related to our search engine relationships, with the remainder coming from a combination of contributions, sales from the Mozilla store, interest income, and other sources. These figures compare with 2003 and 2004 revenues of $2.4M and $5.8M respectively, and reflect the tremendous growth in the popularity of Firefox after its launch in November 2004.

Expenses, meanwhile, were at a very comfortable $8.2M. The substantial positive cashflow means that Mozilla can invest in the engineering talent that will make it possible Mozilla to become an even more important player in Internet software.
"The unspent revenue provides a reserve fund that allows the Mozilla Foundation flexibility and long term stability," Baker wrote.

Our financial stability has enabled us to attract and retain world-class talent, people who have willingly turned their backs on the world of startups and stock options in order to work toward our goal of promoting choice and innovation on the Internet for the benefit of all. It enables us to support massive communities of people who contribute their efforts to making the Internet experience better. It allows us to cultivate competitive, viable community innovation.