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12.3.07: Facebook admits to deep trackinig

FaceBook admits tracking logged off users

[PCW] Facebook has confirmed findings of a CA security researcher that the social-networking site's Beacon ad service is more intrusive and stealthy than previously acknowledged, an admission that contradicts statements made previously by Facebook executives and representatives.

Russian company buys LiveJournal from SixApart

[InfoWeek] One-year-old Russian online media company SUP on Monday announced that it has acquired LiveJournal -- a hosted blogging service that counts millions of users in the U.S. and around the world.

No charges in MySpace bullying case

[Wired] Prosecutor Jack Banas said in a press conference today that the intent of Drew and others who created the fake MySpace account and who verbally attacked Meier online did not cross a threshold into criminal activity based on state laws that govern harassment and child endangerment.

CNET fires reviewer for trashing advertiser

[TheStreet] A source familiar with the situation confirmed to TheStreet.com that game reviewer Jeff Gerstmann was fired from the company after writing a negative review of Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, a violent action game published by Eidos Interactive.

MSFT, Mozilla talk security trash

[DailyTech] Microsoft released a security report on November 30, titled "Internet Explorer and Firefox Vulnerability Analysis". The report, which examined the quantity and threat level of vulnerabilities within the two browsers, came out very strongly skewed in Microsoft's favor. Mozilla's Mike Shaver had some choice words in response to the report. "Just because dentists fix more teeth in America doesn't mean our teeth are worse than in Africa," he said, said left handedly comparing Internet Explorer to a festering tooth.

AAPL close to movie deal with Fox

[AppleInsider] The proposed deal, which would end a considerable standoff between Apple and nearly all Hollywood studios over the digital sale of movies, has reportedly been helped by the iTunes operator's sudden willingness to increase the wholesale price of new flicks beyond $15.

Judge to Facebook: Court docs stay online

[NYT] Facebook tried last week to force the magazine 02138 to remove some unflattering documents about Mr. Zuckerberg from its Web site. But a federal judge turned down the company’s request for a court order to take down the material, according to the magazine’s lawyers.

DRM's last days?

[Reuters] Warner Music Group (WMG) and Sony BMG Music Entertainment are feeling increased pressure to follow EMI and Universal Music Group's lead in distributing music in the MP3 format, which forgoes restrictive digital rights management technology.