03:52 AM

11.6.06: State of the blogosphere

Dave Sifry has released Technorati's quarterly state of the blogosphere report and, besides the overall numbers (100K new blogs/daily, blogos doubling in size every 230 days to 57m) and Technorati's improvements at filtering "splogs," the most intriguing findings have to do with the global nature of the blogosphere in 2006.

For instance, while 3% of posts are in Spanish, that language has a much more global reach than the #2 and #3 languages, Japanese and Chinese. That's probably not suprising. Spanish is a colonial language, Asian languages are generally confined to their countries - although with the large numbers of Asians working in the West, you'd expect to see more global activity.

But you can't really tell from the single pie chart exactly what's going on. I'd like to see a comparison of blog posts in different languages outside of their home countries. For instance, removing Japan, in what countries are Japanese blogs being posted. Outside of the English-speaking world, where is English the blog language of choice?

Also interesting, for sure, is the appearance of Farsi - but not Arabic - on Techno's top 10 languages list.

Finally, note that Techno's comparison of authority for blogs maps pretty much perfectly with age and frequency. Very high authority blogs have been at it on average a year and a half and post twice a day, while low-authority blogs have been around less than a year and post a dozen times a month.