04:31 AM

11.09.06: Google Video sued - but by whom?

Google Video has been sued, according to an SEC filing, AP says. The disclosure didn't provide any details, however. The filing does concede that the company could face more liability as a result of its acquisition of YouTube, as well as from Google Video.

TechDirt notes that:

Just because someone sued, it doesn't mean that Google is guilty or in trouble. In fact, as we've seen, Google seems to live for these types of lawsuits where they can fight them to set the precedent and make it clear what's legal and what's not.

That is spot on, as the Times established with a profile of Google's bring-it-on legal strategy.

“I think Google is wanting to push the boundaries,” said Jonathan Zittrain, professor of Internet governance and regulation at Oxford University.

“The Internet ethos of the 90’s, the expansionist ethos, was, ‘Just do it, make it cool, make it great and we’ll cut the rough edges off later,’ ” Professor Zittrain said. “They’re really trying to preserve a culture that says, ‘Just do it, and consult with the lawyers as you go so you don’t do anything flagrantly ill-advised.’ ”