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Entrepreneurial Advice On Success And Failure When You've Lost Everything

Posted by Tom Foremski - January 14, 2009

I just came across this video of Morten Lund, a Danish VC speaking at the recent Le Web conference. In this brief presentation Mr Lund talks about how these tough economic times are great for being an entrepreneur, and he gives some great advice for startups.

Mr Lund's advice is all the more interesting because he recently lost all his money, some 30 million Euros, on a media venture in Denmark.

Foremski's Take:

I love Morten Lund's attitude. His advice is spot on. And like Loic Le Meur says, this is rare in an European VC/entreprenuer. But that goes to show that some of Silicon Valley's culture is escaping beyond Northern California.

Despite being penniless (Euro-less) you and I know that Mr Lund will be back in the lolly. Because it's not about the money - that's the secret (...that everyone knows but few have the courage to grasp).

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