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Fortune Brainstorm - All the Action is Off-Podium

Posted by Tom Foremski - July 22, 2008

I'm at Fortune's exclusive invite-only Brainstorm conference in Half Moon Bay, California. The content of the panels is really dull . On the breaks everyone is complaining about it. There is little involvement from the audience (except Vint Cerf!) and the moderators talk way too much.

All the action is off-podium. I've been chatting with Vint Cerf, Michael Capellas, Jeff Bezos, Sophie Vanderbroek and many other tech luminaries. Also, Richard Edelman, Frank Glass, Ross Mayfield, Matthew Greeley, and other local entrepreneurs.

The corridors are much more fun than the deadly dull monologist moderators. Maybe the afternoon sessions will improve.

UPDATE: Fortunately the afternoon sessions have improved -- I'll be reporting on some of the sessions later.

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