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PC World Chief Editor Leaving To Launch New Tech Site

Posted by Tom Foremski - May 12, 2008

[Hat tip Jeremy Pepper's Twit]

Harry McCracken, PC World's Editor-in-Chief is leaving the magazine as it celebrates its quarter century anniversary.

I'm one lucky guy. In my position as editor in chief of PC World, I have one of the best jobs in technology journalism. I get to do work I thoroughly enjoy, and to be part of a remarkable team who serves an equally remarkable universe of online and print readers. PC World turns 25 this year, and I've been very proud to be associated with it for over half of that quarter century. When I joined the staff in October 1994 as an associate editor, I never, ever would have believed the ride would last this long.

I could happily do this job forever--but new challenges are good, too. And here's a bit of breaking news for you: After giving it a lot of thought, I've decided to step down as editor in chief and launch a technology site of my own--one that I'll build from scratch and launch this summer.

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