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JAJAH: Low Cost Phone Calls For iPhone

Posted by Tom Foremski - December 6, 2007

JAJAH is an interesting telecommunications company that is doing its best to exploit the VOIP technology that the big telcos use to bring down their own costs. Unlike the telcos which do not pass on the savings to customers, JAJAH does, and that enables it to offer domestic and international calling for just 2 or 3 cents per minute. And JAJAH's calling plans use regular phones rather than having to be done through a computer.

This morning, JAJAH released its iPhone web application:

Here is how it works courtesy of Frederik Hermann from JAJAH:

You simply point your mobile Safari browser to and
type in the number you want to call. Alternatively you can select the name
in your JAJAH contacts and click on the number you want to call. JAJAH will
call your phone, you pick up, and you will be connected to the desired
international number. You can call any phone anywhere in the world (landline
or mobile) without the need of an international calling plan - the
registration is free, there is no contract and no monthly fee.

It also works on an iPod iTouch.

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