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diggrz: Beat museum Gala opening; Beethoven in bondage and Liszt in leather

Posted by Tom Foremski - September 19, 2006

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There is a similarity between the Beat and Blogging cultures . . . each celebrates a raw, passionate literary expression. The Beat Generation and Beatniks are strongly associated with the San Francisco/Bay area-- and so is the Blogging movement.

A great place to find out more about the Beats is in San Francisco's North Beach district. The newly created Beat Museum is having its Gala Grand Opening party on Wednesday September 27th 7pm.  A host of VIPs include:

- Michael McClure - Beat Poet of Six at Six Gallery fame.
- Al Hinkle - childhood friend of Neal Cassady from Denver and Kerouac character "Big Ed Dunkle" in On The Road.
- John Allen Cassady - Raconteur
- Magda Cregg - Life Companion to Lew Welch
- Wavy Gravy - Beat Poet & Merry Prankster (aka Hugh Romney)
- Stanley Mouse - famed sixties Poster Artist
- Jack Hirschman - Current San Francisco Poet Laureate

The Beat Museum 540 Broadway (at Columbus)


Harold Adler, whose terrific series of photos of Allen Ginsberg, Michael McClure and Lawrence Ferlinghetti are currently on exhibit at The Beat Museum, is curating a show at the Berkeley Art Center called "The Whole World's Watching" from September 24th - November 10th.  This show features hundreds of photos of 1960's unrest by dozens of photographers including both Harold Adler and Larry Keenan.

SVW on the Beat culture:

Let it roll: A celebration of beat and blog literature; shoot-from-the-hip-one-take-journalism
The Beats: celebrating the obscenity of literature
You have to read this!!! Evelyn Rodriguez on Salons and the Beat writers....
The new and old Beatniks celebrate Neal Cassady's birthday

Beethoven in bondage + Liszt in leather . . .

It's a provocative title but it is probably an island of sanity that Saturday because of the Folsom Street fair and the Love Parade happening that same day. 

Winners of the San Francisco Concerto Orchestra Competition play Beethoven and Liszt Saturday, September 23   5 pm
St John's Episcopal Church 1661 15th st (near Valencia) $25

Pianists Allison Lovejoy and Stephen Bailey will be performing Beethoven's "Emperor" Concerto.

Ann Dimedio and Seth Montfort perform Liszt concertos
Some cabaret selections will also be featured...

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[diggrz refers to the nomadic lifestyle offered by mobile digital technologies and gadgets - creating a "nomadig" culture. The diggrz name is also a tip-of-the-hat to some of the ideas of the Diggers, a democratic group that arose in 1649, out of the English revolution .

The Diggers were a radical group that cultivated and protected common lands, and sought to create egalitarian, self-sustaining communities. The Diggers would have found  kindred spirits in today's software engineer culture,  and the focus on creating  commonly owned technologies through egalitarian open source community projects. - Tom Foremski]

Tag: diggrz

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