02:24 AM

The last stand of the disrupted industries will be on the Hill

Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher

It's a snow crash kind of world--it's all about the media wars. Because now, we live totally immersed in a media world. Everything is about content, publishing and delivery.

The content is news, services, games, and it is interactive--it carries its own communications within itself.

The content is published on screens--of four kinds: TV, PC, pocket and paper (static) screens. The device that publishes the content, i.e cell phone, notebook, magazine etc, is less important than the content.

Content is a property that is copyrightable, and content owners have great legal powers to lock it down. The Digital Millennium Act gives content owners substantial control over innovation, what types of devices/software/technology can be developed.

In such a media-centric world, Silicon Valley companies had better get hip to the Hill. Washington D.C is where the disrupted industries will wage their last stand.

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