01:45 PM

One of the new rules of the new society (when everyone is a publisher)

By Tom Foremski, Silicon Valley Watcher

Dos&Donts.jpgWhat is socially acceptable to blog about? That's one of the questions I have pondered when everyone can be a publisher, and when most in my social circle are publishers/bloggers.

And the answer is simple: if you are at a private event, among your friends, then everything is off-the-record you do not publish anything that could embarrass anybody, or republish anything that was said/done unless you have an agreement to do otherwise.

That has to become one of the new rules of our new society: Everything in a social setting is off the record unless agreed otherwise.

Because if a person wanted to broadcast to the world, then they themselves would publish it to the world. For example, if I say something to three people, I only wanted to say it to those three people, not the world.

The exception is a press/promotional/public event or announcement. Otherwise, in social situations, everything said is off the record unless otherwise agreed.