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Killer Marketing: Spirited Vigil Outside Apple Store SF

Posted by Tom Foremski - June 18, 2010

I went to the vigil for dead Foxconn workers outside the Apple store in San Francisco Thursday evening, organized by the Chinese Progressive Association.

Chris Knight from Cohn & Wolfe came with me and snapped some pictures (above and the next one.)

There were about 50 people, a lot of high school kids, taking part in the demonstration and handing out leaflets that urged people to email [email protected] (using an iPad in the store!).

The leaflet asked that Apple work with Foxconn to adopt more humane production schedules; to facilitate the formation of a trade union; and improve overall working conditions.

The message was to tell Apple "you expect better." Or, as I like to put it, Apple should "Think Different - Think Fair."

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