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This Week In San Francisco It Is Web 2.0 Weak...

Posted by Tom Foremski - April 2, 2009

Web 2.0 Expo has become very dated. You aren't missing anything if you couldn't make it. But it is always nice to catch up with old friends.

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Some prior SVW coverage:

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It is as if we are long past Halloween but the living dead Web 2.0 companies haven't realized they are dead yet....

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The Web 2.0 sector is a vibrant sector that is supported by hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital. But how many "Web 2.0" companies are profitable?

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They started arriving Friday evening from all over. By Saturday evening there was a large British encampment in the Clift's Redwood Room. Sunday the Germans were holding court, and Monday the Finns were throwing a party at The Foreign Cinema...

- Web Two Point Overload!!!

There must be a lot of money rushing into PR firms around next week's Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco because I am way more swamped than usual with requests for interviews....

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