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Of Media Engineers and Media Architects...

Posted by Tom Foremski - July 19, 2007

I popped into Third Thursday over at Voce Communications (BTW my favorite valley PR firm.) I ran into lots of friends, Jen McClure, Shel Israel, Mike Manuel, Matthew Podboy (A surname from the future :-), Andrea Weckerle, and many more.

I love my friends but I'm a huge fan of Josh Hallett (Hyku). Josh epitomises what I call the media engineer, or, more accurately, a media architect. The days of the software engineer have peaked, now is the time of the media engineer.

[I define a media engineer as a cross between a software engineer versed in media technologies such as RSS, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, and HTML. With a media professional such as a publisher, editor, journalist (in any combination). . . And media engineers will thrive in this emerging Internet 2.0, two-way online era.]

I met Josh earlier this year at the New Comm Forum in Las Vegas where we were speaking on panels. Josh is interesting because he has been working with the New York Times and other large newspaper groups, helping media understand new media and respond in similar ways. And he has a thousand anecdotes and insights into what is going on.

I have some excellent video segments of Josh and co-panelist Alex Kim from SolutionSet coming your way very soon. In these segments there is easily $1m worth of advice, as you will see.


Third Thursday

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