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3-Dot Friday . . .

Posted by Tom Foremski - July 27, 2007

. . . Bad Sinatra II

Steve Gilmor and gang:

. . .KISS and tell about the "connected life"

John Earnhardt shares a video:

Wilson Craig of Cisco's PR team interviews the iconic members of KISS about what the "connected life" means to each of them.  They both give surprisingly good answers.  And, of course, they are in FULL MAKE-UP!!!  At one point it looks like Gene will poke one of Wilson's eyes out with his spikey costume.

. . . "Love Letter" to AT&T CEO Ed Whitacre

Phil Harvey, managing editor over at the excellent Light Reading skewers USA Today's article on retired AT&T CEO Ed Whitacre in which he is described as "the John Wayne of telecom."
Phil Harvey says:
Contrast ;John Wayne" Whitacre's career with that of BT's CEO Ben Verwaayen. Say what you will about Ben-Hur, he's the one who will leave the legacy of a truly transformed incumbent carrier.
Link to: Come On, Pilgrim

. . . Insight on the China Vortex

Here is a promising new blog on China from Paul Denlinger called China Vortex. Paul discusses a recent article at [email protected] on "Quality Fade" by Chinese manufacturers, a practice that involves saving money on materials costs.

. . . A minute with Tim Ferriss


Who are you and what do you do? A Silicon Valley Minute pitch from Tim Ferriss, the author of 4-Hour Work Week..

. . Cooking for StartUps - Where MashUp Is Literal

Matthew Podboy writes:
A friend of mine wrote a cook book for start ups. One of the authors, Nick DeMonner, is a serial entrepreneur.  While working on his latest venture, BzzyBee, he and his colleagues were faced with the typical start up scenario: limited money, no time and no budget for eating out.  So they began to write down recipes they developed along the way. 

The book is a short, fun summertime read about one aspect of life inside a start up. Nick (the author) and the Bzzybee team are using the book proceeds to generate money for the company….or as I like to say, “To help keep a good idea from starving.”

The book was announced this week and can be purchased (hard copy or download) at

. . . Profiting from the Subprime Mess

Mellisa Data just launched an online Foreclosure List for the latest foreclosure data.

Updated weekly with approximately 35,000 new records from over 1,000 counties, the Foreclosure List identifies properties in all stages of foreclosure (both pre and active foreclosure, and real estate owned to scheduled for auction)

. . . What will you do for Peace One Day?

This is interesting, because it puts people on the spot. It is a "digiwristband" for an international day of peace: September 21. It asks what is your committment?

Less chatter more action. Let Jude Law explain:

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