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Promonet lets bloggers/podcasters use licensed music for trade

Posted by - August 26, 2006

By Lucaso for Silicon Valey Watcher

Recently, I've been helping out at IODA, a hip music company in the SOMA area of San Francisco. IODA(i.e. Independent Online Distribution Alliance) distributes indie(and not so indie) music across the web to a host of service providers... itunes, rhapsody, etc.

Their catalog is massive and growing (about 2,500 labels and close to 200,000 tracks) and they've recently begun a promotional service that allows bloggers/podcasters to use their music in trade for including a sales link to the artists' commerce site.

Promonet allows you to preview tracks, download artist's information, and generate HTML code for your blog/podcast. It's a great way to use licensed music in exchange for promoting your favorite artists(always a good thing!).

I created this podcast using Promonet. Enjoy!

Oh... and if you sign up for Promonet, tell them Lucaso sent you! ;)

Get the podcast feed here

produced by Lucaso using cleared music from Promonet

Track 1

Professor Murder Rides The Subway

Professor Murder Rides The Subway

Professor Murder
Kanine Records

Track 2

Achados E Perdidos

Achados E Perdidos

Quannum Projects

Track 3

Mickey Avalon

Mickey Avalon

Mickey Avalon
Shoot to Kill Music, Inc.

Track 4

Me Me Me

Me Me Me

Dr. Love vs. Tense
Oval Music

Track 5

Turfology 101

Turfology 101

Beeda Weeda
Hieroglyphics Imperium

Track 6

You Are The Evolution

You Are The Evolution

The Strays
TVT Records


Track 7

Casa de Praia

Casa de Praia

Pierre Aderne
Samba Nova

  • Download "Mais" (MP3, 192kbps)

Track 8
Confessions Of A Burning Man

Confessions Of A Burning Man

Various Artists
Three Sixty Records

all legal mp3s for your blog/ podcast available from Promonet - register today!

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