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New rules: The reverse ten-bagger is the model for success

Posted by Tom Foremski - December 12, 2005


There's no doubt about it, Google's patina of goodwill is dissolving. I'm hearing a fair amount of anti-GOOG chatter all over the place.

Personally, I still like Google. I still feel that I get a whole lot more out of Google than Google gets out of me as an internet user.

In many ways, Google exemplifies what I call one of the new rules of the new economy.

Old Rule: Success is the ten-bagger company--returning to its VCs/investors more than ten times their investment.

New Rule: Success is the reverse ten-bagger--the company that monetizes ten per cent or less of the business opportunities it has.

Otherwise it is not providing enough value to its customers and it will be considered as trying to fleece its users.

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