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Forbes Radio wants to interview me and probably you too...bring your checkbook

Posted by Tom Foremski - June 29, 2005

I was thrilled to see an email from a producer of the "Forbes Radio" channel on American Airlines inviting me to be interviewed for the program. There was a description about the program spotlighting the world's most innovative organizations and forward-thinking leaders, and a long list of top companies that had been "distinguished guests" on the show.

The Forbes Radio channel claims a captive audience of as many as 4.2 million travelers. And the three-minute interview would be put together by a crack team of professionals capturing the exact message I want to convey. Excellent. But, I can't afford the half-price offer of $4,995.

[Er, shouldn't it be the other way around if money is to be exchanged?! Does editorial integrity take flight when you are 8 miles high?]

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