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This Week: Cisco’s Head of M&A —Exclusive Interview…plus BILL the new net.point.two conference (it comes before TED)…The Rooster Club's First Annual Blogger’s Ball featuring the Steel Wheels of OM [asiandubfudisco]

Posted by Tom Foremski - March 6, 2005

By Tom

+ Our top story this week is an exclusive interview with Dan Scheinman, head of Cisco’s M&A, Senior Vice president of Business Development. Find out why Cisco wants to talk to the venture capital community, and why it believes that media technologies are going to be a driver of the next business cycle.

+ While I was at Cisco, I found out more about Cisco’s online news operation which gets more hits than most business and computer trade news publications.

+ Does Google Adsense make sense for publishers of online news sites? We run through the pros and cons of mainstream contextual advertising networks.

+ The Purity of Search—how the next generation of search engines will prove themselves.

+ BILL-the super-cool-much-cooler-than-TED-not-to-mention-DEMO-and-PCFORUM-conference. Find out more.

+ SVW's the Rooster Club announces the 1st Annual Blogger's Ball featuring the Steel Wheels of Om-the Universal Sound of All that is Broadband. More details will follow.

+ Old media buys more not so old media—some thoughts about and the tail-end of the Internet 1.0 consolidation wave…

+ Is Old Media threatening New Media? The Watcher investigates reported threats against the Blogosphere – (please remain calm…nothing to worry about yet…)

+ Google Foundation seeks head--can it compete against the formidable Bill Gates Foundation in the three Gs: Global Goodness Goals?

+ Fanatical fanatacism at web hosting service RackSpace--the straight-jacket is the only way out (limo and dinner included).

+ If a blogger blogs in the blogosphere does anybody blog it?

+ Solving the Google atom bomb riddle...

+ rockets to the moon--no hockey stick for this flickr.iscious universal wishlist.

+ And more, such as where is the Flickr--Yahoo deal? And is it such a good idea for large new(ish) media companies buying up cool net.point.two companies? Let a thousand platforms bloom says we.

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