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Trapped inside a crumbling business model? Exposing print advertisers to online can be disastrous

Posted by Tom Foremski - December 20, 2004

by Tom Foremski for

I recently had a chat with a buddy of mine who publishes one of the best business magazines around, and it’s been doing reasonably well despite the continuing downturn in advertising.

He told me that his publication might close down its web site. Why, I asked? We lose money from advertisers pulling their ads from the magazine, he said. When their online ads get very few clicks, they then decide that the print advertising is also not getting through to the right people. So they pull all their print and online ads.

About $1,000 in poorly performing online advertising can result in pulling out $20,000 of print advertising.

That’s why you will see more and more print publishers doing less and less online—they can’t afford to expose themselves to the online advertising model. That’s why many print publishers are trapped inside a crumbling business model. Print advertising won’t go away, but it won’t stay the same. Big changes are ahead and we will cover them here.


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