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How The Register Scooped New York Times on IBM-Lenovo sale

Posted by Tom Foremski - December 16, 2004

From Peter Kirwan's excellent UK-based Fullrunner newsletter:

Rival tech hacks have reason to be miffed at the way the New York Times covered itself in glory after last week's apparent scoop on Lenovo's interest in buying IBM's PC division. The Times published its story, written by Andrew Ross Sorkin and Steve Lohr, on Friday 3 December -- and it rapidly went around the world. But, as the Register's Tony Smith cannily points out, the Times was actually relatively late to the party. Back on 16th November, Smith noted reports of the IBM-Lenovo deal in the Chinese-language newspapers Commercial Timesand Economic Daily News. The Register hack deserves serious kudos for picking up this story, which seems to have eluded just about every other western tech hack on the planet. Even more kudos, of course, to the unknown Chinese journalists who broke the story in the first place. As Smith's piece makes clear, their account was remarkably detailed -- far more so, in fact, than the Times's sketchy outline. (New York Times | Registration required) (The Register | Free access)

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