12:50 AM

A proposal for a unit of innovation/disruption

I was discussing innovation Wednesday evening with my old buddy Tom Abate from The SF Chronicle. These chats always provide lots of fodder for posts.

And in talking about innovation I began to wonder if it was synonymous with disruption. I think it is, because if innovation is not disruptive it won't get funding, at least not here in Silicon Valley.

Is there a unit of disruption? I'll propose one: a $1Billion unit of disruption reached over 5 years (BUD).

1 BUD = A business process that has the potential to generate $1bn in annual sales within five years.

That's about the minimum upside that a Silicon Valley startup needs to show in order to get funding. More is better, a five BUD would be stellar.

And 1 BUD = 1 Innovation Unit. Because Innovation has to be disruptive, imho.


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