02:14 AM

A pitch for good pitches...

Todd Defren over at Shift Communications writes:

Hi Tom -
I know you have your doubts about PR's long-term viability, but I also know through some mutual friends (and your own blog) that you'd agree that there are plenty of great PR pros out there, doing good & honest work in the media and blogosphere. I've started a cheerleading section at http://goodpitch.blogspot.com and really encourage you and your colleagues to send me some examples of the PR industry's best pitches. Obviously if you could encourage the PR world to send me submissions as well, at SVW, that would be great too.

Basic guidelines and philosophy can be found here. I am happy to promote all agencies' great work and great people, in the hopes that people new to the PR game can eventually look to this blog as a resource...and someday make your job as a journalist a little easier in the bargain!

Thanks very much for your support! Hope you're doing well.

Todd, good luck but I wonder how useful this will be... A good pitch is not something that can be written down and read out of context because the best pitch is tailored to the individual and the publication. That's the secret to a good pitch :-)

Sshsh, don't tell anyone, especially all those agencies that use their most junior people to pitch journalists--their most important interface (more important than client because of churn.) But those are the clueless ones. And the clueless ones won't understand this anyway, and continue (and defend) business as usual.